• Differential Pressure Controller (DP)

      The DP controller features flow read out, “Fireman switch”, 4 ½”influent and effluent gauge panel and it backwashes up to 8 filters based on differential pressure alone.

    • Aquatic Intelligence Filter Control (AIF)

      The AIF features include time, date, flow and temperature readout. Heater cool down or “Fireman switch” Data logging, differential pressure backwash, scheduled backwash timer, manual backwash, manual individual tank backwash, backwash failsafe alarm, circulation pump energy saver time clock, 4 ½” influent and effluent gauge panel. The AIF can backwash up to 16 filters.

    • Pressure Amplification System (PAS)

      Developed by EPD to guarantee full and effective backwash valve actuation . The PAS uses water from the effluent manifold for the water supply, then amplifies or boosts pressure to 50 PSI to assure full positive backwash valve actuation at every backwash.

    • Manual Control (Semi-Auto)

      The most economical way to backwash your EPD filter system. Backwashes up to 8 filters utilizing EPD's compact floating piston multiport valve for trouble free performance.