• Filters

    • Carbon Steel/Poly Lined, Filter System

      • 8.2sq.ft*. / 13.5sq.ft. / 16.5sq.ft. / 20sq.ft.

      The only filter in the aquatics industry that is both NSF 50 and 61 listed Lined with Primabond® polyethylene. The lining is applied by a rotational molding process that results in a monolithic lining, highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and impact.

      *8.2 sq.ft. filters are epoxy lined

    • FRP Filter System (fiberglass reinforced plastic)

      • 13.5 sq.ft. / 17 sq.ft. / 20sq.ft.* / 25sq.ft.*

      Our FRP filters are designed for use in the most corrosives environments. Made with proprietary epoxy vinylester resins, lightweight for easy retrofit in tight spaces.

      *Coming soon

  • Valves

    • 4” – 6” Backwash valves

      Recognized as the most rugged and durable backwash valves available, EPD’s heavy bronze bodied valves are built to last a life time. EPD has manufactured thousands of these valves and most are still in operation today.

    • 4-8” Priority valvesNew Product Page

      EPD is the originator of the “Priority Valve”. Knowing that backwash flow rate is critical to long term filter performance. EPD made this valve to give filters in backwash “priority” over the water coming into a system.  Made from Schedule 80 PVC.

    • 4-12” Effluent flow control valvesNew Product Page

      Made from schedule 80 PVC EPD’s Effluent flow control valves are rugged and reliable. All size Effluent flow control valves have tamper proof drive bolts to accurately set flow rate.

    • 4” – 6” Backwash Sight-glass valves

      Another EPD original. A sight glass and backwash flow control valve in one unit! Simple, rugged reliable.

    • 4”- 14” Modulating float Valves

      EPD’s unique modulating float valve uses 1 ¼” PVC for our valve bodies and clevis’ for a rugged corrosion resistant valves that will give years of trouble free service. Stainless Steel is used for all shafts and hardware.

      Valves come in horizontal, vertical and horizontal with vertical float configurations.

  • Controllers

    • Differential Pressure Controller (DP)

      The DP controller features flow read out, “Fireman switch”, 4 ½”influent and effluent gauge panel and it backwashes up to 8 filters based on differential pressure alone.

    • Aquatic Intelligence Filter Control (AIF)

      The AIF features include time, date, flow and temperature readout. Heater cool down or “Fireman switch” Data logging, differential pressure backwash, scheduled backwash timer, manual backwash, manual individual tank backwash, backwash failsafe alarm, circulation pump energy saver time clock, 4 ½” influent and effluent gauge panel. The AIF can backwash up to 16 filters.

    • Pressure Amplification System (PAS)

      Developed by EPD to guarantee full and effective backwash valve actuation . The PAS uses water from the effluent manifold for the water supply, then amplifies or boosts pressure to 50 PSI to assure full positive backwash valve actuation at every backwash.

    • Manual Control (Semi-Auto)

      The most economical way to backwash your EPD filter system. Backwashes up to 8 filters utilizing EPD's compact floating piston multiport valve for trouble free performance.