Municipal Water Treatment

EPD offers the natural advantage by providing Drinking Water Filtration Systems designed to generate exceptional drinking water with minimal effort.

These fully-automatic filter systems are an efficient, cost-effective way to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's surface water treatment rule. These sophisticated systems are ideal for small/rural municipal water districts, private water companies, or camp/resort environments that are required to meet EPA standards for filtration of source waters prior to use as drinking water.

EPD Drinking Water Filtration Systems offer alternative filtration technology, provide an affordable alternative to expensive, conventional filtration treatment plants. These highly-advanced systems are available in polyethylene coated steel tank configurations. Dual stage systems are supplied in multiple configurations with flow capacities starting at 24 gpm.

EPD's Aquatic Intelligence Control System (AICS) govern full plant operation - filters, valves, pumps, sanitizer feed and storage tank levels - through PLC based controls.

Features include:
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of effluent water quality.  
  • Continuous Proportional Polymer Feed System.  
  • Automatic turnout capability if turbidity exceeds alarm set point.

Our Drinking Water Filtration System's modular design allows maximum flexibility in adapting to existing structures. These systems are also available completely factory assembled and installed in a container.

Here are just a few of our Drinking Water Installations.

  • firn valley municipal water treatment2 Fern Valley, Water District
  • rancho cucamonga municipal water treatment2 Cucamonga Valley, Water District